Forget nothing, share selectively...

Already the best way to make sure you remember everything, now Listr8r is even better.

Now your spouse, roommate, significant other or partner will remember everything you wanted also (and you will know what they need without needing to ask (it's almost like being a mind-reader!!). Share a list with someone and both parties can add, edit, delete, "Got It!" or "Need it Again" to anything on your lists.

Sharing is Powerful! Next time you find yourself at the store, won't it be great to know that anything they were thinking "should be" on the shopping list is. Never again will you hear "Why didn't you tell me your going to the Market, I needed coffee and now I need to make a separate trip just for that!" ok, I've never actually heard that but anything is possible. Point is, having a collaborated shopping list makes life a little easier. As soon as you see you're low on eggs, two taps and it's the "House List".

Sharing a shopping list has never been this easy or powerful!

As a lists "Owner" you can determine which lists you share and with whom. You can share a work listconfidentially with a business partner, a hobby list with a friend and a your grocery list with your spouse. Only the lists owner can edit the name or delete the list but the shared person can add, edit or delete items on the list.

I hope this helps!


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