Your new Shopping List

Just a couple of things to know.

You have Lists, and you have Items.

When you first log into your new account the first thing to do is make a list, then put items on the list.

Items: Things you want to buy, get or do.

& Lists: Collections of items grouped by "whatever works for you".

This is a list called "Shopping List" with some items on it.

Items might be: Juice mix, Raisins, Oatmeal, Orange Juice, and/or all of the ingredients for a meal, etc. First you need them, then you got them - That's “Items”.

Name your lists, you can have several. A description is optional but note that "description" isn't the "list" so no need to add "items" into the description. That will be on the next step where you add items (after you've saved the new list, described further down this page)

You can also now share a list from the "Add a List" screen, simply enter the email address of another registered user.

You can just have a single simple "Shopping List" or multiple lists such as the "Grocery List", the "Family List", the "Work List" and so forth.

Once you have a list, you can add items to the list. You can click "Add to" or the green plus icon along with other links that take you to this screen. THIS is where you add items to lists! (The name of the list your adding to will also be shown on this screen). Note you have the option here to set the status of an object to "Need it Now", "Want it soon" or "Got it".

We hope that's easy for our users because we don't want you to forget anything.

  1. make a list,
  2. add items to it
  3. check them off when you get them
  4. check them back on when you need them again.
  5. Never ever ever forget anything again (at all whatsoever*)


more detail screen images | Add Listr8r to your home screen

*OK I can't promise that but hope to help make a dent.

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