Your new shopping list.

Start by making a list, it's easy. All you "need" is to name it.

(note: This page is for review only, these are images, not working forms- click here to set up an account or scroll this short page to see how it works.

I might just call name mine "Shopping List" and leave it at that. Whatever name works for you is perfect.

Add something to this list?

Buttons let you "Add something" to your list. They open a screen where you name the item and add it to the list. You only need a name but the optional description is available if needed.

Adding the item returns you to the list.

This is what a list looks like. Items you need now are bright, items you need soon less so and things you "already got" are grayed out.

the little buttons...

Items you need (status set to need now or want soon) have these buttons. Options to look at details about the item, remove the item permanently or change the status to "Got it".

Item's you already have (status is set to got it!), have these buttons to see more details, remove from the list entirely or update status again from something you "got" to something you "need".

That will place it back up at the top of the list and add it back to the count of things you need.

The only other control lets you edit the Name, Description or Status, of any item on the list. That's it.

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