Forget nothing.

I hate forgetting things. ... going back through the store to check out again or worse, re-park the car or even getting home and need to go out again to get “something” aaaaaugh!

Let's bring the shopping list into the 21st century and put it where it belongs...
Online, in our connected phones, tablets and computers,

- with us when and where we need it, (and sharable if we wish).

Ever have an idea for something you wanted to pick up but didn't jot it down and later realize you weren't thinking about it but were "right-by-there". Me neither - anyway...

Ready to get more organized, more quickly and easily than you ever thought possible? Sign up now It's fast, free and easy. Signup here.

We also added a feature that lets partners, roommates and spouses share lists with each other too. So next time you need something you don't even need to mention it, just add it to a shared list and it's right in their pocket next time the stop at the market! | [ info on sharing ]


I hope you find it helpful! >> >> Check it out!

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